Mission in Action: Empowerment and Independence through our Comprehensive Services

In 2010, Burmese refugee Hniar Nawn came to the United States, along with her husband and six children, ranging from three to 18 years old.

Like many newly arrived refugees, Hniar’s family relied solely on the government’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) in order to survive on a daily basis. However, these funds were not sufficient for a family of eight and they did not have enough money for monthly rent, utilities and baby products for their youngest child.

Hniar and her family tried very hard to find housing with less rent, but were unsuccessful. At one point, the family received an eviction notice. Hniar and her husband turned to ReWA for help and started attending our ESL classes while being assisted by our employment staff to look for a job.

Despite Hniar’s very low English skills, our teachers worked intensively with her and her husband to help them improve their English in a short period of time. With their eagerness and determination, we knew they would both succeed in not only learning how to speak English, but also in finding employment.

Staff members were able to find a temporary position for Hniar at Oberto Sausage. Her hard work and eagerness proved successful as she was offered a permanent job by the company. We helped Hniar with transportation services to make sure she can show up for work every day.

Currently Hniar has worked with Oberto Sausage for over eight months. She and her husband are both employed, speak English with their employers without difficulty, and have purchased their first car. Congratulations to the Nawn family for their many successes and we thank them for the privilege of being a partner in their journey!